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Book Series No. 113
Monograph Series No. 260
Ufulu Ndi Sankho Vuto ya azimai mu Zambia
Naomi Njobvu
Occasional Paper No. 75
Siddi Sufism and Identity Politics in South Asia
Pashington Obeng
Book Series No. 108
South Sudan: The Crisis of Infancy
Peter Adwok Nyaba
Book Series No. 110
Africanism or Continentalism Mobilizing Global Africans, for Renaissance and Unity
Kwesi Kwaa Prah
Monograph Series No. 259
Ortografia Padrao Unificada Da Lingua ! Xun Ortografia Padrao Unificada Das Lingua Khoi E San (Africa do Sul, Angola, Botswana e Namibia)
Book Series No. 107
Tracings. Pan Africanism and the Challenges of Global African Unity
Kwesi Kwaa Prah
Book Series No. 106
A High Price For Freedom: Memoirs of Sipho Richard Shabalala
Sipho Richard Shabalala
Monograph Series No. 258
A Unified Standard Orthography for Cushitic Languages (Ethiopia, Somalia, Djibouti, Eritrea, Kenya & Tanzania)
Book Series No. 85
Year ..
South Sudan: The State We Aspire To
Peter Adwok Nyaba
Book Series No. 105
The 2011 Bofepusu Strike: A Story of the fight for Restoration of workers Purchasing Power.
Christian John Makgala & Ikanyeng Stonto Malila
Book Series No. 44
Year ..
The African Nation: The State of the Nation (Chinese Translation)
Kwesi Kwaa Prah
Monograph Series No. 257
This text presents the unified standard orthography for the Kenyan and Tanzanian Maa varieties of the Nilotic family.
Book Series No. 104
The Big Men Of Africa
Mairi J Blackings
Book Series No.103
Year ..
Derolok Acoli-Acoli
Aciro Grace Otto
Occasional Paper No. 73
Wenye Paliye. Kufumika kwa cilawilo pa maphunzilo
Silvester Ron Simango
Occasional Paper No. 74
Anakadzi ano pamiiri noutenda wohiv/sida
Venancio Alberto Mouzinho
Book Series No.102
Year ..
Understanding Shona Liberation War Fiction
William Lungisani Chigidi
Monograph Series No. 253
Orthographe harmonisee des langues kru (de Cote d'Ivoire et du Liberia)
Book Series No. 101
Dikishonali Ya Kiikaonde
Hurbert Kakonkanya
Occasional Paper No.72
Aspects of Kobina Sekyi's Constitutional Thought and its Relevance to the Contemporary Ghana
Samuel kofi Date-Bah
Monograph Series No. 256
Catalogue of CASAS unified standard Orthographies
Book Series No. 100
UNITY IN DIVERSITY South Sudan COTALs Study and familiarization Tour Report (South Africa, Botswana And Ghana) January 2013
Monograph Series No. 252
Girama Yoruba
Igue/Ige Akanni Mamoud
Book Series No. 99
Year ..
Langue Et Education quelle langue utiliser en classe, a Madagascar au 21eme Siecle?
Mireille Rabenoro
Book Series No. 98
Year ..
The Verbal System in a Dialect of Nubian
Abd al-Rahman Ayoub
Book Series No. 97
Year ..
A Grammar of the Fur Language
A.C Beaton
Book Series No. 96
Year ..
The Moro Language Grammar and Dictionary
Book Series No. 95
Year ..
Dinka Orthography
A.N. Tucker
Book Series No. 94
Year ..
Kadugli Language And Language Usage
Abdalla Ibrahim Abdalla
Book Series No. 93
Year ..
The Murle Language Grammar and Vocabulary
R.E. Lyth
Occasional Paper No. 71
An Introduction to the Ideas of W.E.G Sekyi
D.E.K Amenumey
Monograph Series No. 251
Harmonizacao Ortografica Das Linguas Bantu De Angola
J. Pedro et al
Monograph Sreies No. 254
A Unified Standard Orthography for South-Central African Languages (Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe)
CASAS launched Book Series No..
CASAS launched Book Series No. 87, The Harmonization and Standardization of Kenyan Languages: Orthography and Other Aspects - Edited by Nathan Ogechi, Jane Oduor and Peter Iribemwangi, on the 11th June 2012 at the Fairview Hotel, Nairobi. This book launch was followed by a workshop on the harmonization of orthographies for the Kenyan language clusters (11th - 12th June 2012).
Unified Standard Orthographies for the Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo and Ijo Language Clusters


Our mission is to undertake through our network, fundamental research on African Society, which is published as part of our Book/Monograph/Occasional Paper and Notes & Records Series on themes and topics which fit our mandate.

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History and Mission

The Centre for Advanced Studies of African Society (CASAS), established in 1997, has been conceived as a Pan-African centre for creating research networks in Africa and its Diaspora...

Associates and Fellowships

All researchers involved in research projects networked and coordinated by CASAS are designated Associates of the Centre...

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